• Richmoore & Anderson was founded by a group of experts servicing financial & health institutions and has now grown into a reputable and well established IT services provider with a proven track record. Richmoore & Anderson offers different levels of IT support services, ranging from helpdesk to complete infrastructure support and automation, tailored to the customer's needs. It also specialises in cyber security, major Incident management and user/permission audit services.
    R & A IT
  • Stemming from the experience gained by Richmoore & Anderson whilst delivering IT services, the company was established to specialise in the production and delivery of cyber security systems and software. The services include consultation, live monitoring, training and onsite checks. The Stronghold Cyber Security Suite provides automated vulnerability testing.
  • The mission of siliconmalta is to attract coders from all over the world, provide them with the expert guidance they deserve, create and support a top-notch coders network based in Europe's hottest tech-hub, Malta, and turn their great ideas into even better realities. siliconmalta is currently working on a number of projects such as gaming, business, and social media apps.
  • 1SON works within the Maltese tourist industry, primarily as a service for the Chinese, Japanese & Korean markets. It offers business, educational and tourism opportunities on the Maltese islands. As the 1SON team are native speakers, the clients feel at ease in the knowledge that their needs can be fully catered for. 1SON has built relationships both in Malta and overseas, with the main goal of providing the best possible products, whilst providing a commitment to quality at the best possible prices.
  • Last Minute Doctor was established to service the healthcare industry by designing products to service both the providers and the clients. The first product on the line is DrRoom, an app that brings healthcare providers and their clients closer by offering video-call, appointment booking services and even translator & sign language interpreter services.
    Last minute Doctor

Richmoore & Anderson is an international group of companies with headquarters situated in Malta. Our diverse services cover online security, IT software support and development, business consultation as well as travel solutions. The group has grown steadily, enlarging its clientele in all business sectors by offering comprehensive and quality support.


  • The Stronghold Cyber Security Suite is an automated testing software that checks for weaknesses in your infrastructure internally and externally. Other than hiring a company once a year for a security penetration test, the software runs constantly at scheduled times. Because attacks do not happen once in a year, they happen every minute.
  • Dr Room provides three innovative services: video consultations from the comfort of your home, online booking of appointments, and when needed, can also connect the patients and doctors through a translator or sign language interpreter. Furthermore, the app will be connected with the European Healthcare System, and clients can have a consultation with any doctor from any country remotely.
  • Street Craps or simply Dice. Among the most popular American dice games ever. We present the first physical correct 3D dice game in a pure Javascript cross platform app, running on our own proprietary dice engine.
  • raIDENT provides the most secure user identity verification service by using face2face video calls. Clients can complete the verification process within 2 minutes with a desktop or mobile app and a valid ID document. Afterwards, they are matched against PEP, Terrorist and Criminal Databases. raIDENT can be deployed in different ways to match your company's security needs.


  • Oliver is CEO of the Richmoore & Anderson Group. He founded his first IT Company in 1999, which was later sold to Gamigo AG in 2002. Following that, he worked as an independent IT service provider, managing numerous projects and worked for 8 years at Citibank as Teamleader of the external Server & Production Support Team. At Richmoore & Anderson Group he took on other market sectors, such as app development, business consultation and Cyber Security to expand the Group, that now has offices in 7 countries, with Malta as the headquarters. This gave him the opportunity to build and expand strong business relationships with fellow entrepreneurs and business owners in Malta and overseas. With extensive experience working with companies that rely on efficient and reliable technology such as banks and gaming companies, Richmoore & Anderson is now a household name when it comes to making technology work in your business‘ favour.
    Oliver Marco La Rosa
  • Sascha is the CIO of Richmoore & Anderson Group. After working 5 years in the wholesale business he started his career in the IT sector at an international IT training company which was also responsible for training the US Military in Germany. Sascha has comprehensive experience working in the IT industry, specializing in network and security. He joined Richmoore & Anderson with robust skills in sales, marketing and IT. Sascha currently focuses on software development and is effectively evolving the business ventures of the group. He persistently improves the quality of the service and promotes the strong values of the company.
    Sascha La Rosa
  • Johann is the Head of Software Development of Richmoore & Anderson Group and also a Partner in siliconmalta, the creative software company of the group. He is a passionate Javascript Evangelist and dedicates his life to the code. He started programming at the age of 8 and is experienced in nearly all existing coding languages.
    Johann Vassallo
    CSDO, Javascript Evangelist



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